Berardi Imballaggi
Fruit and vegetable packaging specialists for over 80 years

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Berardi Imballaggi

Family and experience inextricably linked.
For 5 generations.

Our company is a leader in the production of wood, plastic, and cardboard fruit and vegetable packaging. Over time, we also specialised in producing wood, wood fibre, MDF panels, and semi-finished products. Our strength is interpreting the customer's needs as this allows us to improve our products and expand the range of services we offer.

We grew up guided by tradition, and we evolve by being inspired by innovation. This ensures that the solutions provided to operators in the fruit and vegetable sector are always new and tailored to their needs, without neglecting respect for the environment, an issue that is very dear to us and around which we are developing the future stages of our industrial development plan.  


The wood journey, from raw material to finished product

Berardi Imballaggi is one of a few companies with enough surface area to house the raw material directly in the sawmill. These are poplar trunks that will be transformed into environmentally compatible, safe, and certified wooden crates. Their majesty brings us face to face every day with the grandeur of nature, for which we have great respect and gratitude.


The old crates take on a new life

If not properly disposed of and recycled, polypropylene packaging can be a massive problem for the environment. In order to solve the environmental impact in an exemplary manner, we have introduced a recycling plant in our company that transforms old polypropylene crates into new packaging that can be put back on the market immediately.

Old, no longer used, and damaged crates, which are ready to be turned into waste, are picked up directly by our managers, completely free of charge, to be given a new lease on life.


Sustainable management guarantee

FSC is a non-profit organisation founded in 1993 to promote responsible forest management worldwide. Its three fundamental pillars are: respect for the environment, social benefit, and economic sustainability.

FSC certification is a guarantee of sustainable forest management as well as a standard that allows the pulp or wood from a certified forest to be traced throughout the entire processing chain. The FSC logo lays bare the production chain of the products to which it applies its logo.

The principle of traceability

Berardi Imballaggi has created some FSC® certified product lines within its product range. The line of semi-finished products in MDF and the line of cardboard packaging are included under the FSC certification the company obtained following periodic inspections by an independent third-party certification organisation to verify the correct application of FSC principles to the supply chain and product manufacturing phases (Chain of Custody). The products that comply with the FSC Chain of Custody rules and principles are placed on the market with a specific product declaration and can bear the FSC label.

It is a voluntary certification that gives value to our sustainable path

The choice to be part of a circuit of virtuous processing companies that, without being required by law, decide to use raw materials from sustainably managed forest, making its products traceable, reinforces Berardi Imballaggi's sustainable culture. The choices made today in view of environmental, social, and economic sustainability are the starting point for a better future. For everyone.

We have been producing packages for 5 generations, paying close attention to our customers' needs.
Continuous research and the spirit of innovation allow us to offer efficient and effective solutions in wood and plastic.

Berardi Imballaggi

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