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Continuous search for innovative products

We have always worked to satisfy the customer through the continuous search for innovative products, constant attention to quality, and the efficiency of the company's services. To do so, we analyse their needs and seek to provide concrete solutions by designing new products that are always in line with our values and that respect the environment.

Respect the environment and protect the fruit

The details of this innovation, which is the result of in-depth research, were tested and appreciated by the MI.S.E, Ministry of Economic Development, which extended the patent in all countries in the European Community.

100% environmentally friendly as it is made of regenerated wood and is free of formaldehyde (harmful adhesives).
Suitable for transporting net packages of citrus fruit, potatoes, and other foods since they are not exposed to harmful and noxious condensation.
Economically advantageous since it is reusable and may be sold with a deposit.
Customisable with the company logo and also available with a lid.
Light and easy to transport, thanks to the simple assembly and dismantling operations.
Resistant and stackable. Facilitates warehouse operations, ensuring the integrity of the product it contains.

All Berardi Imballaggi innovations are designed to respect natural resources and with a view towards a sustainable future. It is never too late to change perspective, but the sooner we change, the sooner we can contribute to building a better tomorrow.

Efficient and strategic management of the available resources, whether natural, financial, human, or relational, for knowledgeable reinforcement of the sustainable corporate culture.

Respect for circular economy principles in which great importance is given to the reuse, repair, waste reduction, and recycling of materials and existing products.

Involvement of employees, customers, and stakeholders so that the choices made, including in the presentation of new products and/or technological improvements, are shared and subject to their assessment.

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