Our commitment to the Environment

Natural resources, a heritage to be protected

Too precious to not be respected

The primary resource we use to produce our fruit and vegetable packaging is wood. For this reason, we have always had a profound and sincere sensitivity to environmental issues. We are grateful to nature that gives us the excellent and ecological raw material. We respect natural resources and seek to minimise our environmental impact, regularly analysing the dust produced and monitoring atmospheric emissions.

We belong to consortia that focus on protecting the environment while supporting companies and that see recycling giving rise to new products as the right path to hope for and contribute to a better future.

Berardi Imballaggi is a partner


National Packaging Consortium, which operates on a non-profit basis.


National Plastic Packaging Consortium, whose purpose is to "reduce environmental impact by recycling the waste from its own secondary and tertiary rigid packaging made of polyolefin materials."


National Consortium that is involved in the collection, recovery, and recycling of wooden packaging.

Protecting the environment is our way of showing gratitude to the community as well. Each small gesture and company decision has a positive impact on people if it positively impacts the environment surrounding them and in which they live.

Use of wood from responsibly managed plantations

Planting of one tree for every poplar cut down

Introducing polypropylene crates recycling

Investments in technological innovations serving the environment

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