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Compliance as a guarantee of company effectiveness

The BERARDI IMBALLAGGI of Berardi Francesco & Company SaS Organisation The limited liability partnership has been working for many years in the food packaging industry, focusing on its Policy, Product Quality, and efficiency of its services order to guarantee the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Attention to the compliance of the products and services offered with the applicable regulations regarding work, safety, and the environment has always guaranteed our company the effectiveness that only those who operate within the rules can have with their customers, suppliers, staff, and the social context in which they operate.

We pursue continuous customer satisfaction

Our values, aimed at the organisation's maximum functionality, have evolved over time towards a growing awareness of safety, the environment, and quality issues, leading us to introduce and implement a Quality Management System.

This system complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, whose purpose is to guarantee formally and verifiably that what is created within the organisation complies with the mandatory requirements and goals set forth by its management.

Compliance with this standard is a strategic factor for market competitiveness and qualification and is evidence of the company's efforts in pursuing continuous customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the company uses a Chain of Custody Management System that complies with FSC® standards to ensure no wood raw materials from illegal and/or unauthorised logging, from forest areas where civil rights are violated by forest management activities, from forest management units where the high conservation values present are threatened, from genetically modified trees, or areas converted from natural forests to plantations or other non-forestry uses are used for FSC® certified products. The company operates in full compliance with Fundamental ILO Conventions and is committed to protecting any violation of workers' rights as declared in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (1998).


Satisfy the customer through the continuous search for innovative products, constant attention to quality, and the efficiency of the company's services.
Ensure maximum protection of the end-user of our packaging through continuous product control to verify compliance with hygiene requirements and suitability for contact with food.
Promote the culture of quality and continuous improvement in the delivery of products and services.
Ensure the satisfaction of internal staff, involving them in pursuing the company goals and providing the right motivations and rewards to achieve maximum participation.
Keep a high IT culture in the company as a lever for achieving maximum efficiency in business processes.
Keep work areas and equipment used at a high level of innovation and maintenance to ensure the workers' safety and minimise the risk of accidents.
Perform an accurate analysis of the company context that assesses risks and related opportunities.
Ensure the implementation of quick procedures to resolve customer claims, guaranteeing maximum attention to the customer.

Commitment to workers and their rights

  • organisation of work within the company is implemented in full respect of all the people involved without any discrimination against workers for issues related to gender, nationality, age, religion and any other expression of individuality;
  • the company does not use workers under the age of 18 in their production processes;
  • all forms of protection envisaged by the CCNL, the National Collective Labour Agreement, and by current legislation are implemented, acknowledging workers the level of pay and contributions due and preventing any form of compulsory or forced labour;
  • workers are granted freedom of association, the company neither prevents nor hinders employee membership of trade union organizations, workers can choose their representatives freely and autonomously and collective negotiation with the company is fully recognised;
  • working conditions that safeguard workers’ health and safety are ensured in complete compliance with applicable legislation in terms of health and safety of workers in the workplace.

Our goals

  • Meet the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and mandatory requirements in order to achieve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System;
  • Comply with industry standards;
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of services and the Quality Management System;
  • Develop human resources by improving communication and training;
  • Value the correct management of forest resources especially in terms of environmental and social aspects;
  • Ensure constant control of the work environment and equipment in order to satisfy the requirements regarding safety in the workplace;
  • Implement periodic internal audits in order to control the work.

The structure works by analysing the context inside and outside the company, setting quantifiable and measurable goals connected to that context through continuous verification that they are understood and supported throughout the company.

This policy is distributed to all interested parties through this document.

Wood, plastic and cardboard packaging and semi-finished Certification
FSC® Certification
Wood, plastic and cardboard packaging and semi-finished Certification

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