“Berardi Imballaggi” is pleased to present ECOPALBER (modular reusable bins). The details of this innovation, which are the result of extensive research, have been tested and appreciated by the Ministry of Economic Development, which approved the extension of the patent in all the states of the European Community.


It respects the environment and protects the fruit

It is made out of reclaimed wood. The absence of formaldehyde (harmful chemicals) makes it ecologically valid for the transport of fruit and vegetables of all kinds.
It is environmentally friendly because made of reclaimed wood. Besides, it is cost effective because it is reusable and it can be given against a deposit.
It is suitable for carrying products such as citrus fruit, potatoes and other commodities which require adequate ventilation in order to avoid the formation of harmful and smelly condensation.
It is available in several standard sizes and it can be designed for specific needs and solutions.
It can be customized with the company logo and can be provided with a suitable cover.

80 unassembled Ecopalber

It solves the long-standing problem of bulky packaging. In comparison with bins of equal size, it reduces the volume and the related cost of transport by 75%.


Easy to assemble and transport

Reclaimed wooden panels make it very lightweight and facilitate the operations of assembly and disassembly, making the transport easier.


Durable and stackable

It favors the storage operations ensuring the integrity of the contained product

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