Goals for a sustainable future

Today's awareness means a better tomorrow

There is always much to do

Sustainable culture is now part of the company's thinking. However, we are aware of the tremendous commitment that we need to continue to increase Berardi Imballaggi's sustainability and reach a perfect balance between economic growth, respect for the environment, and respect for the individuals who live in it.

We chose to take small steps to reach increasingly ambitious goals in terms of sustainability. For this reason, there are numerous actions to be introduced into our sustainable revolution journey that are especially stimulating because they allow us to continue to carry out our historic family business, which over time has become an industrial company, creating long-term value and generating positive impact on people and the environment.

4 steps on the path of sustainability


Developing individuals

Continuous training and developing expertise. Sharing strategic choices and development plans, with particular reference to good sustainability practices.

Plastic recycling

Doubling the percentage of polypropylene crates obtained from recycled plastic.

Sustainable mobility

Implementation of a mobility plan to provide incentives to employees to use eBikes, car sharing, and public transportation.

Energy efficiency

Use of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels and modernising the lighting systems for more responsible energy consumption and less environmental impact.

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